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Publication : Recommandations relatives à l’authentification multifacteur et aux mots de passe · 2022-08-31 16:43:37 estimated reading time: 1 min Ce guide traite de l’authentification pour tout type d’accès, c’est-à-dire du déverrouillage d’un terminal (poste Windows, Linux, etc.), de l’accès à des comptes à privilèges (par des administrateurs par exemp
American Phone Tracking Firm Demo’d Surveillance Powers by Spying on CIA and NSA · 2022-08-12 07:55:31 estimated reading time: 17 min In the months leading up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, two obscure American startups met to discuss a potential surveillance partnership that would merge the ability to track the movements of billions of people via their phones with a constant stream
Instagram and Facebook can track anything you do on any website in their in app browser · Felix Krause · 2022-08-11 00:33:36 estimated reading time: 13 min The iOS Instagram and Facebook app render all third party links and ads within their app using a custom in-app browser. This causes various risks for the user, with the host app being able to track every single interaction with external websites, from all
European Commission sued for violating EU’s data protection rules · 2022-07-19 12:29:58 estimated reading time: 2 min This story was updated to clarify the data protection rules applying to the European Commission.The European Commission is to face a lawsuit over allegations it is violating its own data protection rules when transferring citizens’ personal data from one
Server side tagging  |  Google Tag Manager Server side  |  Google Developers · 2022-07-04 15:56:16 estimated reading time: 4 min Server-side tagging  |  Google Tag Manager - Server-side  |  Google Developers Thanks for previewing Google's new tag platform documentation! This site is in public beta. (Feedback)Server-side tagging allows you to move measurement tag instrumentation
Cookie wall e pay wall: dalla Francia regole più chiare per poter “monetizzare” i dati personali Cyber Security 360 · 2022-07-03 02:29:06 estimated reading time: 12 min Cookie wall, cioè banner del tipo “prendere o lasciare” tutti i cookie su un sito web, quale condizione per potervi accedere. Spesso si sente affermare che siano contrari alla normativa privacy dell’UE. Nondimeno l’autorità di controllo privacy f
Privacy KPIs for Financial Services Companies | RadarFirst · 2022-06-30 08:30:36 estimated reading time: 5 min Highlights:A guide to privacy benchmarking for C-suite Actionable KPIs to improve incident response Free fill-in-the-blank benchmarking infographic Read more below.Benchmark and Improve Incident Response PlanningCredit card nu
Cookies : solutions pour les outils de mesure d'audience · 2022-06-28 11:29:26 estimated reading time: 6 min > Cookies : solutions pour les outils de mesure d'audience23 septembre 2021Dans quels cas les cookies sont-ils exemptés de consentement ?Afin de se limiter à ce qui est strictement nécessaire à la fourniture du service et être ainsi exemptés de co
25 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid) · 2022-06-28 11:28:31 estimated reading time: 39 min In this article, you will find the 25 best Google Analytics alternatives to help you reach your website's performance goals.Are you tired of paying for an analytic service with your own personal data? You’re not alone.😩 Maybe you’re overwhelmed by t
API Quickstart  |  Google Analytics Data API  |  Google Developers · 2022-06-27 00:09:21 estimated reading time: 6 min API Quickstart  |  Google Analytics Data API  |  Google DevelopersStep 1. Enable the APIClick this button to create a new Cloud Platform project, automatically enable the Google Analytics Data API v1 and create the service account needed for this tutori
13 steps to follow to comply with the GDPR rules ICPTE · 2022-06-25 00:58:39 estimated reading time: 4 min The GDPR Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 9
Cookie di Google Analytics: dalle indicazioni francesi tanti divieti e alcune difficili soluzioni Cyber Security 360 · 2022-06-18 07:36:41 estimated reading time: 10 min Novità dalla Francia per la controversa vicenda dei cookie di Google Analytics: utilizzatori di questi cookie colpiti in vari Stati UE da provvedimenti sanzionatori, Analytics che sembrano destinati a sorte certa, violazioni senza se e senza ma del GDPR s
Designing meaningful choices to protect user privacy · 2022-06-06 16:09:35 estimated reading time: 4 min The key elements that designers should take into consideration when building privacy-aware interfaces and experiences Photo by Nathan Dumlao on UnsplashContinuing last post’s conversation, in which I presented Transparency by Design — one of the framew
France: CNIL opens door to cookie walls a closer look at the new criteria · 2022-05-29 08:55:15 estimated reading time: 11 min BackgroundAs noted, CNIL's new guidance arrives in the context of a complex regulatory patchwork knit by several major regulatory stakeholders at a national and EU level. Cookie walls have been the subject of major contention in ePrivacy regulation for man
Google urged to stop collecting phone location data before Roe v. Wade reversal · 2022-05-26 23:06:55 estimated reading time: 5 min Enlarge / A pro-choice demonstrator in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC, on May 11, 2022. Getty Images | Stefani Reynolds More than 40 Democratic members of Congress called on Google to stop collecting and retaining customer location data tha
Dark Patterns EDPB guidelines examples · 2022-04-13 22:05:41 estimated reading time: < 1 min wallabag can't retrieve contents for this article. Please troubleshoot this issue.
EDPB adopts guidelines on Art. 60 GDPR, guidelines on dark patterns in social media platform interfaces, toolbox on essential data protection safeguards for enforcement cooperation between EEA and third country SAs · 2022-04-13 21:49:04 estimated reading time: 1 min Brussels, 15 March - The EDPB adopted guidelines on Art. 60 GDPR. The drafting of such guidance is part of the EDPB Strategy and Work Programme 2021-2022 to support effective enforcement and efficient cooperation between natio
Update Manual for Complianz 6.0 · 2022-01-11 15:52:08+01:00 estimated reading time: 3 min Update to Complianz 6.0 - 5 Minutes to Improve Performance and User Experience We have tried to make the process as easy and automated as possible, but you will most likely want to check your Cookie Banner settings as we created a new, redesigned modular a
No Cookies for You: DSK TTDSG guidelines Imposes Strict Limitations · 2022-01-01 20:48:27+01:00 estimated reading time: 10 min The German Data Protection Conference ('DSK') issues guidance on the Federal Act on the Regulation of Data Protection and Privacy in Telecommunications and Telemedia ('TTDSG'), which entered into force on 1 December 2021.Key points:Scope:If no personal dat
Odia Kagan on LinkedIn: No Cookies for You: DSK TTDSG guidelines Imposes Strict Limitations · 2022-01-01 11:24:10+01:00 estimated reading time: < 1 min We and third parties such as our customers, partners, and service providers use cookies and similar technologies ("cookies") to provide and secure our Services, to understand and improve their performance, and to serve relevant ads (including job ads)
What is Proof of Consent? · 2021-12-10 16:10:25+01:00 estimated reading time: 2 min There is a difference between Proof of Consent and Records of Consent. Although getting consent before processing personal information is sometimes required under specific privacy laws, there is no legal obligation within the GDPR to keep active records of
IAB Europe guide to the Post Third Party Cookie Era – IAB Europe · 2021-12-04 12:16:16+01:00 estimated reading time: 2 min Knowledge Hub IAB Europe guide to the Post Third-Party Cookie Era This guide has been developed by experts from IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee (PTC) to prepare brands
EasyList Policy · 2021-11-26 03:50:55+01:00 estimated reading time: 1 min EasyList - Policy EasyList policy Purpose EasyList filters must remove adverts, although it is acceptable for them to incidentally remove tracking. Self-promotion should not be specifically removed by EasyList, although equally should not be allowed if it
Free Online EU Cookie Law Analyzer | CookieMetrix · 2021-11-25 13:41:04+01:00 estimated reading time: < 1 min CookieMetrix gives you insight about cookies installed from your website before the visitors consentTo comply with the Cookie Law, it is required that all sites that install cookies - even through third-party tools - must show a banner to the user's f
PhantomJS Scriptable Headless Browser · 2021-11-25 13:38:31+01:00 estimated reading time: 1 min PhantomJS - Scriptable Headless Browser Important: PhantomJS development is suspended until further notice (more details). PhantomJS is a headless web browser scriptable with JavaScript. It runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD. Using QtWebKit as the b
Cookie e strumenti di tracciamento: proposte e considerazioni sulle linee guida del Garante Cyber Security 360 · 2021-11-23 06:24:26+01:00 estimated reading time: 6 min Le nuove linee guida del Garante per la protezione dei dati personali circa l’utilizzo dei cookie e di altri strumenti di tracciamento (in consultazione pubblica) rappresentano, a livello nazionale, il primo aggiornamento post-GDPR alle pregresse indicazi
Linee guida cookie e altri strumenti di tracciamento 10 giugno 2021 [9677876] · 2021-07-15 21:10:38 estimated reading time: 44 min VEDI ANCHE - Allegato 1 - Scheda di sintesi - Comunicato stampa del 10 luglio 2021 - Pagina tematica COOKIE [doc. web n. 9677876] Linee guida cookie e altri strumenti di tracciamento - 10 giugno 2021(Pubblicato sulla Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 163 del 9 luglio

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