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Austria: DPA on cookie walls · 2022-10-20 14:08:40 estimated reading time: 12 min GZ: DSB -D122.931/0003 -DSB/2018 vom 30.11.2018 [Anmerkung Bearbeiter: Namen und Firmen, Rechtsformen und Produktbezeichnungen, Adressen (inkl. URLs, IP - und E -Mail -Adressen), Aktenzahlen (und dergleichen), etc., sowie deren Initialen und Abkür
Austria: "Cookie Walls / Paywalls" hybrids are permissible? · 2022-10-20 14:05:40 estimated reading time: 6 min In a recent case, the Austrian Data Protection Authority (ADPA) decided for the first time on the permissibility of a consent for the use of cookies, as well as the concept of freely given consent under the GDPR. The case involves the cookie consent on the
Cookie wall: l’UE ne consente l’uso? · 2022-10-19 18:11:36 estimated reading time: 6 min Cookie wall: l’UE ne consente l’uso? Inizia la generazione Documentazione Indice dei contenutiNavigando su internet, quasi sicuramente ti sarai imbattuto in qualche sito con un cookie wall. In questo articolo capiremo se l’utilizzo di questi sistemi
Cookie walls | EDPB guidelines on cookie walls and valid consent · 2022-10-19 18:08:08 estimated reading time: 14 min Updated March 22, 2020.A cookie wall is a way for websites to deny users access if they don’t consent to all cookies and trackers present on that website.It’s a barrier of sorts that puts the user in a “take it or leave it” situation, where they mu
"Cookie walls" the French Conseil d'Etat invalidates part of the CNIL's guidelines on cookies and other tracking devices · 2022-10-19 18:05:35 estimated reading time: 2 min France’s Highest Administrative Court (the “Conseil d'Etat”) has just issued its decision on the guidelines on cookies and other tracking devices ("cookies") adopted by the CNIL on July 4, 2019 (the "guidelines"), follow
Cookies et autres traceurs : le Conseil d’État rend sa décision sur les lignes directrices de la CNIL · 2022-10-19 18:05:19 estimated reading time: 3 min Le 4 juillet 2019, dans le cadre de son plan d’action sur le ciblage publicitaire et à l’issue d’une concertation avec les professionnels et la société civile, la CNIL a adopté des lignes directrices sur les cookies et autres traceurs afin de pré
Denmark bans Gmail and Co from schools due to privacy concerns. · 2022-08-07 19:34:52 estimated reading time: 4 min Danish schools must stop using Google's email and cloud services due to concerns or violating the high European privacy standards defined by the GDPR. According to Denmark’s data protection authority, Google’s cloud-based Workspace software suite "does
Cookies: the Council of State confirms the 2020 sanction imposed by the CNIL against Amazon · 2022-06-28 16:23:56 estimated reading time: 2 min The CNIL decision of 7 December 2020On 7 December 2020, the CNIL imposed a fine of 35 million euros on AMAZON EUROPE CORE, in particular for having placed advertising cookies on the computers of users of the sales si
Google Analytics fuorilegge e soluzioni: ecco quelle che non funzionano Cyber Security 360 · 2022-06-27 22:43:06 estimated reading time: 12 min L’ora è giunta: anche in Italia è stato emanato il 23 giugno, dal Garante Privacy, un provvedimento indirizzato, di fatto, a vietare l’uso dei cookie di Google Analytics, per ragioni più volte affrontate in questa sede e riconducibili al trasferimen
Provvedimento del 9 giugno 2022 [9782890] · 2022-06-27 10:43:03 estimated reading time: 33 min VEDI ANCHE COMUNICATO STAMPA DEL 23 GIUGNO 2022[doc. web n. 9782890]Provvedimento del 9 giugno 2022Registro dei provvedimentin. 224 del 9 giugno 2022IL GARANTE PER LA PROTEZIONE DEI DATI PERSONALINELLA riunione odierna, alla quale hanno preso parte il prof
Has the GDPR hype affected users’ reaction to cookie disclaimers? · 2022-06-18 07:33:07 estimated reading time: 1 min | | | Repository KITopenKulyk, Oksana; Gerber, Nina; Hilt, Annika; Volkamer, MelanieAbstract (englisch):For many years, cookies have been widely used by websites, storing information about users’ behaviour. While enabling additional functionality and p
Cookie e trasferimenti dati in USA, Parlamento Ue "colpevole": il richiamo dell'EDPS Agenda Digitale · 2022-06-17 14:54:25 estimated reading time: 9 min Tutto ha avuto inizio nel gennaio 2021, quando l’organizzazione no-profit “Noyb” – European Center for Digital Rights – presentava denuncia formale per conto di sei membri del Parlamento in relazione ad un portale web interno, dedicato ai test Cov
Cookie walls : la CNIL publie des premiers critères d’évaluation · 2022-05-29 08:57:07 estimated reading time: 9 min La plupart des services proposés sur Internet sont présentés comme gratuits. Toutefois, cette gratuité pécuniaire n’est pas sans contrepartie : les données personnelles des internautes collectées sont très souvent utilisées par les acteurs du
Google urged to stop collecting phone location data before Roe v. Wade reversal · 2022-05-26 23:06:55 estimated reading time: 5 min Enlarge / A pro-choice demonstrator in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC, on May 11, 2022. Getty Images | Stefani Reynolds More than 40 Democratic members of Congress called on Google to stop collecting and retaining customer location data tha
GDPR and Google Analytics: Google, you are not an island! · 2022-01-16 01:00:35+01:00 estimated reading time: 13 min This might seem a long post, but it’s length is needed to accurately explain my personal interpretation on how Google, and more specifically Google Analytics is dealing with the GDPR. Opinions are my own.I was fortunate enough to receive, through my trus
Chrome Users Beware: Manifest V3 is Deceitful and Threatening · 2021-12-17 23:59:13+01:00 estimated reading time: 5 min Manifest V3, Google Chrome’s soon-to-be definitive basket of changes to the world of web browser extensions, has been framed by its authors as “a step in the direction of privacy, security, and performance.” But we think these changes are a raw deal f
The Belgian DPA has imposed a fine of €15000 on a website specialized in legal news · 2021-12-03 18:49:48+01:00 estimated reading time: < 1 min The Belgian DPA has imposed a fine of €15000 on a website specialized in legal news for their noncompliant cookie management and privacy policy. The Belgian DPA found that their privacy policy lacked transparency and infringed the rules on informatio
GDPR: attenzione al trasferimento dei dati all’estero! · 2021-11-25 11:05:12+01:00 estimated reading time: 2 min Il Regolamento (UE) 2016/679 (“GDPR”) sulla protezione dei dati personali, applicabile dal prossimo 25 maggio, al Capo V disciplina il trasferimento transfrontaliero di dati personali da parte del titolare del trattamento.Sul piano pratico, il gestore d
Linee guida cookie e altri strumenti di tracciamento 10 giugno 2021 [9677876] · 2021-07-15 21:10:38 estimated reading time: 44 min VEDI ANCHE - Allegato 1 - Scheda di sintesi - Comunicato stampa del 10 luglio 2021 - Pagina tematica COOKIE [doc. web n. 9677876] Linee guida cookie e altri strumenti di tracciamento - 10 giugno 2021(Pubblicato sulla Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 163 del 9 luglio
COOKIE: dal Garante privacy nuove Linee guida a tutela degli utenti · 2021-07-11 14:43:53 estimated reading time: 3 min Cookie: dal Garante privacy nuove Linee guida a tutela degli utentiNo a scrolling e a cookie wall se non in casi particolari, limiti alla reiterazione della richiesta di consenso Il Garante per la protezione dei dati personali ha approvato nuove Linee guida

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